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Dr. Mangesh Patil | Best Urologist in Girgaon | Kidney Specialist in South Mumbai


Best Uro-Oncologist in South Mumbai

What do you understand by Urological Oncology?

Uro-oncology is a sub-specialty of the oncology branch which deals with cancers related to urological organs. Dr. Mangesh Patil is the Best Uro-Oncologist in South Mumbai. 

The organs that come under this specialty are:

• Kidney

• Prostate

• Bladder

• Adrenal gland

• Testicles

• Penis

Uro-Oncologist in Mumbai

Now let us understand what is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that occurs from abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells. Cells are basic parts of human tissue and organs.

In a normal situation, new cells reproduce in order to replace the old cells, maintain tissue health, and repair any injuries. 

However, when the control of growth cells is lost, they divide too fast resulting in a mass or a tumor or cancer.

Is cancer curable?

Cancers are curable if they are caught in the early stages. This is true in the case of testicular and prostate cancer which can be cured if caught early. The treatment needs to be delivered with a team including a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and uro-oncologist. 

What are the symptoms of Urological cancer?

Haematuria: Blood in the urine is one of the major symptoms of urological cancer. The blood can be visible to normal eyes or it can be found in the urine testing. 

Urinary symptoms: Some of the urinary symptoms indicate problems related to the bladder or the prostate gland. Symptoms can be loss of bladder control, effort to pass urine, frequent urination, or urinary leakage.

Pain: Urological cancer pain occurs in the lower abdomen or in the loin area where it indicates the problem with the kidneys. If you feel pain below the belly button with distributed pain into the penis or the testicles then it is a problem with the prostate or bladder.

Palpable mass: Any lump that can be felt easily anywhere in the body needs a specialist review over it. Urological cancers cause a palpable mass either in the loin area or lower abdomen or in the testicles. Any lump found of the testicles needs to be shown to a urologist or to an uro-oncosurgeon.