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Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai - Dr. Mangesh Patil

Dr. Mangesh is expert surgeon for robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and open surgery. He is based in the city of dreams Mumbai. Patients who come with lot of belief and trust, take back home their health under the hands of Dr. Mangesh’s efficient treatment and the reason he known as One of the best Robotic Surgeon in Mumbai.

Minimally invasive surgery, also often known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgery to patients, has recently been developed with the advancement of engineering and computer technologies. Using a small telescope with built-in magnification mechanism and a variety of long, thin surgical instruments placed through approximately 3-5 incisions, each of which is usually no larger than a dime in size, Dr. Mangesh is able to perform minimally invasive surgery for a variety of diseases and problems. Patients who have undergone these procedures have enjoyed not only the same diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of traditional open surgery but also greatly reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospitalisation, faster recovery, and better cosmetic results. It is usually about 2½ -3½ hours. Each case differs due to individual anatomy. This is comparable to the average time of open surgery. A majority of patients are discharged one day after a laparoscopic prostatectomy. However, the time of discharge is decided on a case-by-case basis. By the second night, over 90 percent of patients are comfortable enough to go home. Dr. Mangesh beholds to the standards of this new technology

Since 1980’s their has been research in keyhole surgery for improvised biotechnology in surgical history. A decade back robotic surgery technique was invented and has taken the fame over traditional laparoscopic surgery. Robotics combined with computer science has been able to augment surgeon’s skills to achieve greatly improved accuracy and precision in complex surgery. Ever improving technology in optics and computer science has introduced virtual reality (VR) and three dimensional (3D) to operating rooms. This allows for the development of patient-specific models enabling planning and practice of complex surgery on VR platform before performing the actual surgery. The 3D virtual model improves the mental representation of anatomical details, which could be underestimated with two-dimensional visualisation platform that is more commonly used currently in operating suites. Dr. Mangesh has been in line with the improvisation in technology and is trained in performing expert robotic surgery

He has operated hundreds of patients with these techniques and is a famed expert surgeon for Robotic surgery in Mumbai. He’s also expert in open surgery, a traditional method. The incisions caused by open surgery can range from 3-4 inches to very large, depending upon the procedure being performed. He performs open surgery safely and effectively so, patient can be confident without stress. He prefers to perform surgeries traditionally based on preference, and the anticipated technical issues that may be encountered.

With his experience he gives best suggestions to patients and describes the difference between robotic surgery and open surgery as follows:

Minimally Invasive Surgery is performed through tiny incisions made by doctors, whereas open surgery is done by making a large opening.

Patients suffer fewer traumas in MIS than in open surgery.

Patients of MIS need less time to recover and can resume work in a short span of time, whereas the patients of open surgery need more time to recover.

The blood loss during MIS is much less than that in an Open Surgery.

There is less scarring in MIS as compared to Open Surgery.

Describing these differences to patients, he maintains a precise professional ethics.

Following are the fields in which he performs or suggests robotic surgery:

  • General Surgery – Several general surgeries like benign pancreatic lesions, pancreatic cancer, hernias, liver tumours (malignant and benign), obesity (bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, gastric banding), severe GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), and many more are performed using this procedure.
  • Lung – Esophageal cancer, lung tumour, and other diseases are treated with this surgery.
  • Gynaecologic – It is one of the popular fields where Robotic Surgery is performed. This surgery is done for gynaecologic cancer, endometriosis, benign tumours, benign cervical disorders, staging of lymph nodes, removal of ovaries, ovarian cysts, and much more.
  • Urological – This surgery is widely used for kidney cysts, Kidney disorders, kidney blockage, kidney stones, prostate cancer, vaginal prolapsed, and other urological diseases.
  • Head and Neck – The MIS is done for complex surgeries of head and neck diseases like thyroid cancer and oropharyngeal cancer (head and neck cancer).
  • Heart – Several heart conditions like atrial septal defects, mitral valve repair and prolapse, and atrial fibrillation are also performed using this procedure.

Dr. Mangesh assesses the situation well and caters to variety of patients. He is a profound and customer centric doctor with immense pride of success in his profile.

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