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Kidney cancer myths and facts

Kidney cancer: myths and facts

Kidney cancer is one of the topmost common cancers in India found in both men and women. Here are some myths and facts about kidney cancer.

Myth: Kidney cancer mainly affects youngsters.

Fact:  Study shows that one-third of the total no. of cases of kidney cancer are young people. It is due to changing lifestyle and food habits.

Myth: Smoking increases the risk of kidney cancer.

Fact: True. Smoking doubles the risk of kidney cancer. Near about 30% of kidney cancers in men and about 25% in women are due to smoking.

Myth: Kidney cancer mainly occur in women.

Fact: No. Kidney cancer is more common in men as compared to women.

Myth: Blood in the urine is a sure indication of kidney cancer.

Fact: Blood in the urine is one of the symptoms of kidney cancer, but it can also be a sign of other urinary problems like urinary tract infection (UTI). But one should not neglect it and immediately contact a urologist in a nearby area.

Myth: Kidney cancers are not curable

Fact: With the available diagnostic modalities, kidney cancer can be picked up at an early stage, and kidney-sparing surgeries can be offered. This can help a patient avoid losing his kidney and have a near-normal life with regular follow-up.

Myth: Kidney cancer treatment always include the removal of the entire kidney.

Fact: No. With advancements in cancer treatments, there is no need to remove the entire. Robotic partial nephrectomy has become the f choice for most patients with kidney cancer or a benign kidney tumour. In this procedure, the kidney tumour is removed while leaving the rest of the kidney intact.

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Myth: Kidney cancer is not hereditary.

Fact:  2-3% of cases of kidney cancers are having a family history of kidney cancer.

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